Job Protection For Injured Workers

What Does The Law Say About Wrongful Termination?

Oklahoma law protects the right of workers to:

  • File workers' compensation claims
  • Hire a workers' compensation lawyer
  • Go to court to defend their rights

At Lee Law in Stillwater, we know that even though the law states employers cannot discriminate against employees who currently have a workers' compensation claim or had one in the past, there are still situations where employers do not recognize workers' rights under the law. That is why it is so important for our firm to defend employee protections for injured workers against employer retaliation for filing an injury claim.

How Do I Preserve My Work Injury Rights?

If you feel that your rights to employment have been violated, it is important to get attorney representation. Even though it may be difficult to prove that your employer fired you for filing a workers' compensation claim, it is essential to stand up for your rights. Here are everyday work situations that may be wrongful work termination:

  • Getting fired due to attendance issues when you are out with an injury
  • Being part of a layoff after you filed an injury claim
  • Getting terminated due to poor performance when you have always had excellent work reviews

I Have A Current Workers' Compensation Suit. Can I Have A Wrongful Termination Case At The Same Time?

Yes. You can have two legal cases running at the same time. Even though the two cases seem related, the outcome of one case will not affect the result of the other.

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