Workers’ Compensation Rights

Filing a workers' compensation claim can be confusing. The amount of rules involved with filing creates a lot of paperwork and takes time away from your recovery.

Even though your work is supposed to cover your injury, it can be challenging to get access to the help you need. At Lee Law in Stillwater, we represent injured employees at every stage of the workers' comp process to help them get the money they deserve, and we can help you too.

Our Experience Works For You

Our attorney Wayne Lee has over 25 years of experience with workers' compensation. He can guide you through the application process and make sure everything gets done correctly. Here are some examples of injuries that can qualify for a workers' compensation claim under Oklahoma law:

  • A one-time accident
  • An injury from repetitive use of the spine or limbs — a "wear-and-tear" injury
  • A work task that re-injures a previous injury

Steps To Take

If you get injured on the job, here are the first steps to take:

  • Get medical care right away for each injured or hurting body part
  • Tell your employer about your injury as soon as possible
  • Receive claim paperwork from your employer

After you receive urgent or emergency care for your injury and you inform your employer that you are injured, they can give you a list of company-approved medical providers to choose from for continuing care.

Call Us To Explain Your Rights And Aggressively Claim Your Compensation

Many employers follow the rules when it comes to workers' compensation law, but there are some that do not. It is to your advantage to have a lawyer represent you from the beginning to make sure that your rights are preserved. Call Lee Law for a free attorney consultation at 580-304-7291 or contact us with this online form.