Family Matters

Attorney Paige Lee handles family law cases for Lee Law in Stillwater and is equally at home litigating at court as she is negotiating at the office. She is thoroughly experienced in all legal areas pertaining to divorce. She excels at going to court to defend you and your family's best interests. Areas include:

  • Divorce litigation
  • Mediation and proactive resolution
  • Alimony
  • Child custody rights

Protecting Children

Children caught up in divorce have a right to the same level of parental support as they did when their parents were married. That is why pushing for equitable child support, and visitation arrangements are necessary during the divorce process. Lee Law leverages extensive experience in creating child custody and support agreements to enable you to participate in your children's upbringing as part of a balanced settlement.

Granting Rights To Grandparents

Many times, grandparents are the first to see the problems their grandchildren face due to a contentious divorce or substance abuse by the parents. Paige Lee can advocate for visitation rights of grandparents to regain family continuity, as well as guide them in matters of enacting legal guardianship if necessary.

Establishing Legal Adoptions

Adopting a child into your family is a very joyous, emotional and busy time. At this same point, you need to have required paperwork and court dates completed for the adoption to finalize. Trust Lee Law to ensure that all details of your adoption are completed correctly and submitted on time according to Oklahoma law.

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